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Kathmandu Valley School is co-educational Montessori school which has been gradually carving out a name for itself in the field of education in the valley the school was established in 2010 under the expert guidance and advice of Dr. Swagat Shrestha, who has an experience of running Kathmandu Valley College for the past twenty six years.

It aims at all round development of its students in order to meet the challenges of modern life though the modern technology and proven practices. It has a highly qualified team of experienced teachers under whose able guidance the students pursue their daily activities.

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Message From Chairperson

Being 'best' is no use these days, one need to be better than the 'best'.

Being 'best' is no use these days, one need to be better than the 'best'. If you have to boost up the career and personality of your children, visit Kathmandu Valley School and taste its teaching and learning techniques. The extra-curricular activities and congenial environment mould your children brains as you desire. Thus, I welcome all the parents who are conscious and dedicated towards the better future of their children.

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Message from Principal

Kathmandu Valley School will provide much more than what parents expect and I am sure that with your cooperation and support our children will be able to achieve the highest goals in life with compliments.

Trust in taking the first step when you do not see the whole staircase. let us together take the first step to lead our children to the peaks of success. if you join us with strong determination to achieve, you would appreciate each and every sensible and valuable moments at KVC school.

Our Events and Activities

Parenting Workshop
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Literature Festival
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What Student Say About Us

I Like KVC School because it's great &quite fun. Every time I arrive at school, seeing my friends and teachers makes me happy since they are all so compassionate and understanding towards all of the students. The teachers make each lesson learning about different things theoritically as well as practically.

KVCToniva Shakya

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