Being 'best' is no use these days, one need to be better than the 'best'.

If you have to boost up the career and personality of your children, visit Kathmandu Valley School and taste its teaching and learning techniques. The extra-curricular activities and congenial environment mould your children brains as you desire.

Thus, I welcome all the parents who are conscious and dedicated towards the better future of their children. I respect them from the core of my heart to join our school to foster the internal potentialities of their children in time to pave their path to reach an appropriate destination. The Montessori Based teaching techniques and friendly environment ensure the bright academic career of children. I am keenly eager to join hands with those parents who believe in eclectic methods of teachings to promote over all development of a child. I would like to accept your children as the flower of our garden so that we could water them to provide heart-pleasing and mind-pleasing fragrance to the present world. 

To sum up, we feel it a duty to provide quality and utilitarian education to the beloved people in Nepal with little enriched study materials to fill the life with the brilliance of success. Will you let us work on your children for their better future with new tools and accessoried that we possess?

Asst. Prof. Dr. Swagat Shrestha

Ph.D.(Organic Chemistry)