Regarding Timing

  • At the first warning bell, all must stop all the activities and come into line immediately, for the assembly. Students are expected to obey the teachers and captains appointed by the school.
  • No one can go outside the classroom without the permission of the respective teacher.
  • Students are not allowed to go to the cafeteria and toilet during class hours. (If needed, only in an emergency with permision of the teacher.)

Regarding Uniform

  • Students must wear school uniform with their ID card everyday.
  • No student will be allowed to enter the school compound without proper uniform in school days.
  • Students are requested to wear decent dress. Students are allowed to wear out - dress only on their birthday.
  • Students are strictly restricted to visit parties, cafe and restaurants in school uniform.
  • Unwanted ornaments are strictly prohibited.

Regarding Leave

  • Application should be submitted one day before leave to the class teacher. (Doctor's prescription is must in case of being ill.)
  • Students who are absent for more than 15 consecutive days without prior information are subject to expulsion from the school.

Regarding Library

  • Library card is a must to borrow books from the library. The book is to be returned within a week.
  • Students are directed not to lose or tear the books borrowed from the library, if so, they will have to pay as much money as the original book costs.
  • Hue and cry won't be entertained in the library.

Regarding Games

  • The ID card of the concerned student is required to take sports materials.
  • Sports materials must be submitted before the warning bell otherwise concerned students wil be deprived of borrowing sport materials.
  • Concerned students will be responsible for losing sports materials and will be fined accordingly.

Regarding Computer Lab

  • Students are not allowed to operate computers without permission.
  • Computer settings and networking are not allowed to be operated. If so, concerned students will be penalized.
  • Students are requested to turn off the computer after the use of it.

Regarding Monthly and Exam Fee

  • Monthly fee is to be paid in advance before every 3rd day of the month otherwise a fine will be charged according to school's rule.
  • Students have to pay Exam fee for the four terminal exams.